Thursday, June 2, 2016



In her May 29th column in Parade she almost answered a question from a Mensa member intrigued by discussion with fellow members about "What is the reason we are here?"

She left the reader with two alternatives depending on whether or not they believe in a Supreme Being.  But she did not capitalize her three word term for the answer for those with a religion.  Her response for others was "You must settle for assuming we got here through some natural process, and that's that."

I have been using this blog to help people accept a third alternative which is actually a combination of her two alternatives, including an addition to her second alternative which did not really answer the question about the reason we are here.

The last two paragraphs of my  post on June 8, 2013 gives a clue to God's possible purpose in making us through the process of evolution.  There is not anything that surprises God.  But as we can enjoy our child's enthusiasm and excitement with simple repetition of an entertaining interaction, so might God appreciate the awe we express to ourselves or others about his Creation and peoples.

The post of May 17, 2014 may be of some help for those wanting to find God.  My musings about staring at the wallpaper may help you see how to dispose your mind to finding God.  Your probably not going to find God without at least trying.

My fifth post was posted June 21, 2013 and gives some features of the world that have helped inspire some of the awe I have for the Infinite God that created us via evolution.

Those in Mensa reading this may find something to think about in the post on Creativity, Bee Language and Dyslexia from February 8, 2015.  It is listed last on a list of "creativity" posts posted 5/24/2015.  That list has been visited more than four times the number of times the list of "God" posts posted on 5/23/2015 has been visited.

In case you read this Marilyn, I still enjoy and look forward to your column in Parade.  I am glad your column has survived the downsizing that has eliminated so many features in so many publications.

Joseph G. Engemann    Kalamazoo, Michigan    June 2, 2016.