Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Evolution Insights: Preface

The following is the first page of the Preface, page ix-xi, in Evolution Insights, a manuscript by Joseph G. Engemann, in prepublication draft six, dated February 5, 2010.


     God created the world and all that is in it, including humans.  God is not in conflict with God.  All God-loving people should agree those two statements are true.  With free will, a gift of our loving God, we have the ability to introduce error and conflict in ideas and actions.  Both believers and scientists have been at odds in the past over conflicts we have introduced.

     Some believers want to use scripture for truths not meant to be conveyed by scripture.  Some scientists want to use science to falsify religious truths.  A true understanding of both scripture and science would produce no conflict for a true believer.  Both believers and scientists have entered the fray with the intention of presenting the truth.  Although we may regret the problems we have caused, there is no need to harbor guilt over mistakes done with good intentions.

     The basic premise that enables us to eliminate the creation/evolution conflict is the fact that the evidence of evolution is as much the word of God as is the religious truth of scripture.  Both nature and scripture may be misinterpreted.  We may not know the correct path evolution has taken because all the needed evidence may not be available.  We may not recognize God's message in scripture when we lack adequate understanding of the context of the original texts.  Knowing what is parable, what is only common understanding of the day, and what is opinion of the writer, could clarify the message.

     If we understand God used evolution in creation, the creation/evolution conflict disappears.  It is my hope that future generations of biologists may find answers here to avoid the stumbling block to belief faced by our generation.  Many biology teachers seem to be resolving the conflict on their own.  For them, I reassure them they are not alone.  It is my hope that Creation Scientists may also see that evolution is not a theological problem that requires refutation.  In their laudable efforts to serve God, they have placed roadblocks in the road to belief for many.  Consequently, moral decisions about scientific projects are given less chance of acceptance.  Adversarial aspects in the relationship of science and religion are unnecessary.

[the remaining page+ is omitted]

Joseph G. Engemann, Kalamazoo, Michigan     March 12, 2014

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