Friday, June 9, 2017



The title misses the fact God is the ultimate and infinite spiritual being not subject to wrapping up, a concept limited to things associated with the physical world.  But I think it is time to wrap up or otherwise treat and summarize my blog topics related to God.

As I write this, thinking about my twofold concern.  One, of helping scientists see that it is OK to believe in God, and two, helping believers to see that evolution is the way God created the living world’s diversity.  I was surprised by the fact that the two seemingly opposing views fit in my early, unpublished manuscript on creativity, “The Two-Way Street.”  Science and an understanding of causality can lead to a belief in God.  Belief in God as the mysterious creator should make the facts of nature serve as evidence of God.  The two polar opposite views are, or should be, compatible as well as comforting facts.

The things I was going to write have mostly been said before in my earlier posts.   Several of the ones in the post below are repeated in the list following.  Twenty-three posts (including several duplicates from this list) may be of interest  This post is about an observation that applies to having our mind primed for finding something; it could be a clue to finding God.  You have probably experienced something analogous when searching for pieces to assemble a jig-saw puzzle.  Five more September 2016 posts complete this topic.

This was intended to be a final post on this topic.  It may be.  But I think I have covered most items I wanted to present before I meet the inevitable end of my physical life on earth.  The more personal aspects of my relationship with God will be limited to things already said, perhaps in other words.  The miraculous interventions in my life do not pertain to the factual aspects of the evolution highlights discussed.  Supernatural claims for personal miracles are not presented because natural causes are possible for most of them although timing and other factors make me think otherwise.

The facts of my life are available and possible evidence that the things I have discovered are unlikely results of my almost aimless path.  For that, for family, for relatives and friends, and for a life in this great country, I thank God.  And I am almost penitent regarding posts where I have said unflattering things about Donald Trump; perhaps I’ll apologize to him if we both get to heaven.

I do not sign this with my emeritus status at a local institution because my professional training and experience do not qualify me to write about spiritual matters.  So you are in the same boat with me, children of God, both of us intended for eternal life.  Let's hope we make it,

Joseph Engemann    Kalamazoo, Michigan     June 9, 2017

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