Monday, October 23, 2017

The Economy

The blog post, “History Repeating”, that I posted in April of 2016 was copied from a journal entry I wrote in 2009.  It seems like history is still repeating in the economy, the political world, and perhaps other ways.  It seems like it is worth reading for those in the USA. 

If you want to read it you can get there by clicking the arrowhead before 2006, then April, then History Repeating.  I think you can also get there by clicking

Don’t let it depress you too much – repeating can be better than destroying.  It might be better to call it a cycle, or a day, year, or generation.  It can even make you happy when it is children or grandchildren.

If you apply natural selection theory to economic or political theory it might result in beneficial change.  It doesn't need to be as destructive as revolutionary change that people see in what Marx accomplished.  Gradual change is most likely to be both beneficial and successful.

Joe Engemann     Kalamazoo, Michigan    10/23/17

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