Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Science cannot cope with evil, spiritual concepts, and infinite love.  All three lack measurable physical existence subject to examination and quantification by using the tools of science.  Miracles are not repeatable on demand. Consequently, a scientist acting as a scientist can neither affirm nor deny a miracle.  Thus their discomfort allowing any role for the Creator as demonstrated in the previous post about CreatorGate.


Moral evil is a value judgement and scientists as humans can make such judgments.  But offering a scientific opinion about evil is valueless.  Atheistic scientists and religious scientists have a right to talk about evil based on their philosophical and/or theological point of view; but each should recognize those views are not part of science.

The magnitude of the human loss of life from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, other natural disasters can be quantified by scientists.  Those factors had a role in our evolutionary history as did many biological factors such as injury and death from starvation, disease, predators, and warfare.  Such events are unwanted, but apart from warfare and other adverse human interactions, do not involve the intent that most would find in things that are evil.  The natural selection of evolution resulting in survival of the fittest was part of every species evolutionary history.

The phenomena of the early origin of the universe, with its explosion, nuclear, and gravitational mayhem, was essential for the origin of elements, galaxies, stars, and planets; the violence challenges our imaginations.  Development of the life-spawning conditions of our own planet Earth involved volcanic eruptions, crustal movements, earthquakes, mountain-building, erosion, and flooding also almost beyond imagination.

In adapting to our ever-changing environment species used various evolutionary solutions.  Some got bigger, some got smaller.  Some got faster, some hid.  The diversity of the flora and fauna of the world is mind-boggling.  With millions of years involved, many amazing adaptations have evolved.

Those adaptations involved the demise of many lacking the adaptation.  If the demise was us, we would think it was evil.  But if we don't view as a personal happening we should be thankful that many generations were gradually shaped into the species we see when we look in the mirror.


Maybe I will be able to shed some light on these topics in the next two posts.  The spiritual and infinite love are not part of science but maybe you can see some connection of value to you.

Joseph G. Engemann    Kalamazoo, Michigan     March 22, 2016

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