Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CreatorGate II: Spiritual Beings


God is the pre-existing power, the Creator of the material world, pure existence as the "I AM" identity he revealed in the Old Testament, a being of infinite dimensions unconstrained by space or time, the First Cause uncaused, as identified by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle.  God is so intimidating to non-believers they are compelled to edit the Creator out of scientific publications.  Believers are happy to know God is the ultimate cause for all the good in the world, from the universe to the smallest sub-atomic particle.

Created spiritual beings

Angels and/or other spiritual beings created by God are beyond the reach of science.  Scripture identifies several individual angels and ranks of angels with numbers presumably very numerous.  To my knowledge, there is no effort or reason to bring them into the scientific literature so they are unlikely to contribute to CreatorGate.

Puzzling thoughts of the material and spiritual world

I have a difficult time understanding the existence of magnetism, gravity, and the forces operating in atoms and on their particles.  I concluded gravity might be a result of dark matter particles impinging on atoms.  The mass of a planet would intercept many of the particles while those coming from space beyond the atom would push it toward the planet.  Alternatively, each particle could have its own angel directing its cosmic dance.  I recommend not putting anything from this paragraph into your memory banks.

Joe Engemann    Kalamazoo, Michigan         March 23, 2016

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