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 Wonderful people can come upon hard times physically, emotionally, and through various disabilities associated with accidents. aging, diseases, injury, abuse, poor choices, and various personal and natural disasters.  Some are chronic conditions that may have solutions or relief in ways not understood by the afflicted.  Family members may come to need help with the situation as much as the one perceived to have the disability.  I decided to share my views through this blog when I became aware of someone close to me who was trying to help a couple with a problem.  I wanted to talk to the couple to share some of the things in this series of posts.  But I was not in a position to do so, and I thought there were many more people needing the same coaching, so these posts might meet the needs of more without the abrasive aspects of my personality interfering.

When social agencies are not sufficient, and even when they are, prayer is worth considering.  The five following posts (posted over five preceding dates) are somewhat geared for the more serious personal problems, but God is there for us for much lesser things, often without our asking.  They may be helpful early in the process before the individual(s) become the subject of a family intervention, or if there is no one to intervene.

The anecdote about the driver almost late for an important appointment and circling the rows of the filled parking lot thinking “God if you find me a parking spot I’ll make a big donation to charity”, then as the corner is turned revealing an open space continues thinking “never mind, I found one myself,” may help us see how we operate when needs are satisfied.  Solutions arrived at through requests for divine help can easily become past history, especially when a natural event can be seen as the cause.  Before modern medical help for childhood asthma was available I was not able to even think of praying when I was gasping for breath during severe episodes.  But those times passed relatively quickly though they seemed like an eternity.  I don’t have all the answers, so you should be able to surpass me in your understanding.  Having something to think about is a beginning.

The five following posts listed were posted in reverse order so they would be archived in proper order for those who proceed down the sequence from this one.

Post 2 – Eligibility may help you realize everyone is created by the same God and is loved as a child of God.

Post 3 – Expectations may prepare you for answers to your prayer that aren’t exactly according to your specifications.

Post 4 – Who to ask may help if you are intimidated by approaching God directly.

Post 5 – How to ask may give you some comfort in the form of your plea.

Post 6 – Saying thank you has benefits.

Joe Engemann      Kalamazoo, Michigan     September 14, 2016

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