Friday, September 9, 2016



Humility not defiance

It is certainly easier to ask God for help when you believe he exists.  Mouthing words that are not believed is not going to fool God.  There is nothing you can do that will.  If things like that don’t work, child-like defiance won’t either, even though Jesus said “let the little children come to me”.  The biblical “fear of the Lord” that is recommended for our attitude was more “give God the deserved respect”.

Realize there is no way you can bribe or threaten God to get your favor answered.  Realize God will do what is best for you.  Realize God is waiting for your request, if it comes from an intercessor or group praying for you, it may be granted quicker if humility due to asking others accompanies your request.  The more you fill your life with good works and actions showing (to yourself) your love for others, the more God will likewise treat you.  For the busy mother the attention and love given her family is worth more than joining a dozen organizations doing good work.  Regardless of our vocation in life, the “Golden Rule” is a practical guide to ethical conduct pleasing to God.

Sincerely and repeatedly

When you are desperate, sincerity is not likely to be missing.  When you are not desperate, frivolous requests should be self-evident.  If you keep asking, it is probably not a trivial request.  If it is important, keep asking; I think that is clear from the parable about the man knocking on his friend’s door at night after it had been locked.  Repeated requests may evolve into a request more likely to be granted.

Can you think of how a granted request would make you a better person?  Maybe you can include that improvement as part of the request.  You certainly shouldn’t want your request granted if it would be detrimental to you or others.

Joseph Engemann     Kalamazoo, Michigan     September 9, 2016

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