Thursday, September 8, 2016



“Thank you Lord” may not be part of your vocabulary.  Even when it is, if you are like me, it may be seldom said.  I wonder, if I had said it more frequently in the past, would I have the need to make requests for help.  From things I have read, some in scripture, I think God is pleased to have us make frequent requests.  Most of us, when free of depression, have many things we should thank our Creator for – life, family, friends, health, home, freedom, and country.  But life being what it is, we all will have things we think need attention or improvement.  There are many things we may want beyond healing or miracles that are worth asking for divine help to attain, so whether you need a parking spot, a better job, or improvement in a relationship, it is a good idea to enlist God’s help.

For past help, present conditions, or prayers answered, it is never too late to say thank you.

This post will be the last of six.  I intend to post the others (5, 4, 3, 2, and 1) very soon.  This will make the six appear in proper order for those accessing this blog after a week or more.  One will be the introduction to healing and miracles, two will discuss eligibility (all are eligible), three - expectations, four – who to ask, five – how to ask, and six –  saying thank you for answered prayers.  Then I should be back to evolution topics.

To prepare yourself for the project, you might contemplate the one infinite God by considering the creation that he made and knows from the most distant reaches of the universe to the smallest subatomic particles.  Before you dissolve in panic before the infinite pure existence that made everything, realize that he knows and loves you better than you do.  Don’t worry about his creation in the many other habitable planets throughout the universe, just realize that his love for you is personal and understandable through his son, Jesus Christ.  We all share in that love.  That is reason for an enormous thank you.

Joe Engemann      Kalamazoo, Michigan      September 8, 2016

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